Nature and its imperfections.

A collection inspired by driftwood. Reclaimed wood weathered by the tides. Soft greys and timeless elegance. An impression of wood whitewashed by the ocean with natural grain patterns, textures and colours.

The driftwood patterns are combined with earthy grey blues and ceramic whites. Tones that create a Scandinavian Hygge atmosphere and make our homes feel warm and cosy. The irregular lines remind us of handmade pieces spun on a pottery wheel. Beautiful imperfections. Imperfect beauty.

So incredibly realistic…it’s the perfect illusion.

Fjord...Timeless elegance.

Ice Cool BBQ Collection Outdoor living
The BBQ season has started!

Invite your family and friends to share some delicious moments outdoors with zak!designs® new Ice Cool BBQ Collection.   Meat, fish, fruit or vegetable skewers for the BBQ with the new 2018 Ice Cool colours: An array of blues combined with yellow and green.

zak!designs® offers a complete collection for entertaining outdoors in style; plates, steak knives and forks, tumblers, bowls, mugs and skewers. The perfect cocktail for celebrating any outdoor occasion!

Set of 4 bowls – 16 cm
Set of 4 salad plates – 24 cm
Set of 4 dinner plates – 28 cm
Set of 4 mugs – 35 cl
Set of 4 dot dot tumblers – 35 cl
Set of 4 steak knives - 23 cm
Set of 4 forks - 19,5 cm
Set of 4 skewers – 25 & 30 cm

Dotty Ice Cream
Delicious little polka dots

This fresh scoop with its vibrant colours sprinkled in polka dots is called Dotty!   It’s the new addition to zak!designs® ice cream collection.   Easy to use, with an ergonomic design, the scoop is perfect for making colourful little balls of ice cream.   The matching cups are reusable, with an adorable retro design that takes us back to our childhood.   These cracking little cups will without a doubt add some sparkle to this little frozen dessert.

The ice cream scoops, the little cups and matching spoons are perfect for sharing delicious moments with the family and friends.
Another scrumptious collection by zak!designs!

Ice cream scoop - 18 cm
Ice cream cup and spoon - 8 cm

the beauty of nature!

It’s impossible to miss the marble and wood trend! It’s everywhere and undoubtedly chic! zak!designs have added a new line to their OSMOS collection, launched in 2016. Minimal in design, these new serving bowls are perfect for preparing and serving.   The combination of wood and marble in the kitchen adds a beautiful natural touch that will not go out of fashion.

Whether you choose white marble, black marble or beech wood, these bowls which imitate the natural materials they are inspired from will present your food with elegance.

OSMOS COLLECTION – Serving bowls
Diam. 16.5 cm & 27 cm
Beech wood, black marble and white marble finish. Dishwasher friendly.

Mug Mania!
Nomadic, beautiful and isothermal!

It’s a fact, our lifestyles are changing! We want to reduce waste to save our planet! Thankfully, we have travel mugs to take our favourite drink with us.

Thanks to these handy little bottles, tea, coffee or cold drinks accompany us on our daily travels. And they look great too!

zak!designs® is proud to present our latest model; a leakproof bottle that is double wall insulated to keep your hot drinks hot or your cold drinks cold for longer.

Change the future!

The values of zak!designs

It’s Spring harvest at zak!designs® with their new crunchy lettuce themed collection!

Whether you are prepping or serving them, your favourite varieties of lettuce will take centre stage! Perfect for chicory, iceberg, or batavia the realistic design & colours of this lettuce collection will bring a breath of fresh air to your salad and will surprise your guests too!

With a graduation of colours from dark green to yellow, these beautiful, yet practicle salad accessories are sure to find their place in your kitchen and on your table.

zak!designs® offers the choice between a set of different sized bowls that fit nicely inside of one another for easy storage, a bowl and colander set or simply a large salad bowl sold separately.

The star of the garden patch!

The values of zak!designs

Since the creation of the brand, zak!designs® is essentially about colour…and in 2017, colour is everywhere!

A pallet of fun and flashy colours will fill your home with a rainbow of happiness.

All of the brand’s essential items : Gallery trays, colanders, duo salad bowls, plates, serving utensils, air-tight canisters, egg cups, mugs etc…are available in your favourite colours.

Have fun mixing and matching the colours to create your own, unique interior and bring to your home that special zak!designs® touch!

Bright is right!

It’s BBQ time!
Guests, fun & laughter

zak!designs® takes us to into their colourful world offering so many new table accessories that we already imagine ourselves enjoying a BBQ with friends in the garden. With a serrated blade, zak!designs® steak knives are perfectly adapted for enjoying a mixed grill.

For prepping, presenting and serving your summer salads, their Duo bowls and salad servers will decorate your table with all the colours of the rainbow.

And finally, the dotty collection of glasses, pitchers and trays will complete this magnificent picture. Practicle, original and colourful zak!designs® collections will accompany us in our moments of leisure.

Summer wouldn’t be summer without inviting friends round for a BBQ!

The French Press
Coffee with style

At zak!designs, they know that for a good cup of coffee, a French Press is the best tool for the job.

It's easy to use and just what you need to enjoy the finest of coffees…And, like the brand, it's fun and colourful too!

The French Press is the latest addition to the decorative Dot Dot borosilicate glass collection. Other dotty items include bottles, stackable canisters and double-wall glasses in multiple sizes. This coffee plunger with a non slip silicone base completes this iconic collection of playful little dots !

Also called a coffee press, coffee lovers wouldn't use anything else! zak!designs' French Press is available in 2 sizes and 6 colours, perfect for enjoying the colourful aromas of your favourite brew.

It's a must have item for every coffee aficionado and will look great in the kitchen for your daily cuppa too!

The Grapes of Joy!
An ingenious little colander…

zak!designs continue to surprise us with new original shapes and lifelike colours.

The specialist in kitchen accessories has created a new addition to their fruit & veg inspired collection…a grape colander!

Practical, it is the ideal shape for rinsing delicate fruits & berries without damaging them. Original and audacious, the colander can be used to rinse your fruit then be placed directly on the table to brighten up a cheese platter, to be enjoyed at the end of a meal or for a fruity snack.

Its ingenious saucer will catch the drops of water so you don't need to worry about staining your tablecloth or table.

Available in 2 delicious colours ; Muscat or Golden, white & red grapes finally have a dish dedicated to them to be enjoyed with originality and elegance.

OSMOS Essential feeling
Serve with style

For this new Osmos collection, zak!designs has been influenced by pure and natural materials. Black or white marble, beech or olive wood: the elegant prints decorates the Osmos collection of trays, lunch boards and coasters.

Lighter and easier to use and wash compared to the material they are inspired from, you can use them for any chic or casual occasion, a quick lunch, a cheese tasting, or a coffee break with friends…

For the winter, check out the new black marble line, completed with butter dishes, plates and cheese boards. Contact us to get the new pictures!

In the mood for wood? Or admirable marble?

For all seasons!

Since the beginning of 2016, zak!designs has introduced its colourful and very handy range of accessories from the Kitchen Garden collection in the shape of fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Great gift ideas to offer, welcoming each season with a touch of originality and freshness.

Zak!designs continue to play with colours and shapes using a touch of humour for these onion bowls.

3 sizes, 3 colours, a true to life design for various uses: to prepare, pour and serve all your culinary delights playfully.

zak!designs knows their onions with this new range of nature inspired bowls and invites all the cooks to create the best onion based recipes!

Smiley Emoticons
A smile in the morning drives off grief and sorrow

Smiley was born on Saturday 1st January 1972, when a French journalist used the smiley face to mark good news stories. He started a trend, that went global. First the smiley brand conquered the music industry and the pop culture. Then, in 1997, the smiley emoticons were created to replace the ‘text emoticons’ made solely of punctuation marks. With the upcoming smartphones and social media the emoticons went viral and became a global known brand.

If you want to be part of the great smiley history, we have exactly what you need. Add a smiley into your daily life.

Our assortment varies from egg cups, over drinking cups to On-the-go water bottles.

The smiley egg cups are made of double wall porcelain and are available in 6 different patterns.

Start your day with a smiley and enjoy your summer with zak!designs.

Flowers are taking the centre stage!

For the perfect floral centrepiece, look no further than zak!designs’ Kitchen Garden collection. The fruit, vegetable & flower shaped bowls & accessoires are sure to make a statement on your dinner table.

Create a colourful bouquet to prepare, serve & present your culinary delights.

With their subtle design, these multipurpose utensils and accessories can be used for your daily needs in the home or outside:

The daffodil colander with its petal shaped saucer is perfect for rinsing, straining and serving your fruit & veg. The zen set of 3 lotus inspired bowls & saucer will delight your guests by its originality. Add a touch of romance to your dinner table with these 3 little rose bowls & flower pot.

Spring has arrived at zak!designs with romantic gift ideas for friends, family or your table!

Retro style !

In 2015, zak!designs created their double wall borosilicate glass line for hot and cold drinks.

As a result of this successful introduction, the brand now proposes additional colours and shapes! Espresso, long coffe, tea size…and now ice cream!

Imagine all the smoothies you can create! Fruits, beware of the blender! Before summer, while it’s still cold, enjoy a creamy capuccino..

A lovely generous touch of vintage and nostalgia into these dots…back to the 50’s!

Enjoy those authentic moments with zak!designs.


Sizes available: 7.5 cl, 20 cl, 35 cl
Colours: Black, Red, Green & White, Yellow and Blue

Pick your own fruit…

Kitchen Garden is zak!designs new fruity collection.

These colanders, salad bowls & serving bowls are cunningly disguised as sun-kissed fruits: Kiwis, lemons, melons & watermelons!

Their fruitier-than-life colours and textures will change your life and make it ‘Juicy’!

Naturally, you’ll find many uses for them:
In the spring, summer, autumn & winter.
For preparing, serving & presenting your fruit & vegetables, fresh herbs or other culinary delights!

For mixing & serving, these delicate tulip-inspired salad servers are at your service!

Gardening news!
Coming soon, the Kitchen Garden vegetable-inspired collection!
Oh, the joys of gardening…

These peppers will brighten up your table!

Colourful, revitalising, and oh so decorative, soon these little peppers will be popping up everywhere!

Deep green, bright yellow or radiant red, the choice is yours!
They are perfect for making a statement at your table, presenting snacks or for serving eggs at breakfast.

Truer than life colourful peppers for your everyday utensils and accessories: Little multi-use bowls, practical heat resistant trivets and original egg cups.

You are free to use these peppers as you wish:
In the morning for your boiled eggs,
In the garden for a nature inspired lunch,
Or on the table to present the salt, pepper & spices.

Original gift idea: 3 pc pepper bowl set elegantly bound with raffia.

Fun & indulgent, zak!designs continues to surprise us!

A winter sorbet!

CHESTNUT is the new colour scheme for zak!designs’ winter collection.

The new CHESTNUT colour is a delicious mix of chocolate and taupe tones. The result - A beautiful, soft and ultra-feminine colour!

Combined with three of the colours from summer 2015 – sky blue, kiwi green & candy pink, CHESTNUT adds a warm winter touch to the delicacy of the sorbet pastel colours.

With zak!designs, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with this winter’s trend. All of our favourite zak!designs products are available in the new CHESTNUT colour (and there are some brand new products too!). Here’s a sneaky peek at some of them:

This is a huge new addition to the zak!designs collection. You’ll now be able to enjoy your favourite cuppa in a trendy porcelain mug. Decorated with zak!designs’ emblematic dot-dot design, it is sure to be a winner!

You’ll love this 4 in 1 trivet both for its design and practicality. You can’t help but love the CHESTNUT colour scheme and it will save you space in your cupboards!

These four practical little bowls look lovely together. The lotus-inspired design and delightful pastel and warm CHESTNUT tones will guarantee a relaxed & zen atmosphere.


Dot Dot Double Wall
zak!designs glassware collection

A new decorative collection made of glass for hot drinks?
zak!designs are always full of surprises!

It’s the big new addition we’ve all been waiting for from this creative, fun and innovative brand. Say goodbye to your average, boring transparent glass… zak!designs bring you their colourful double wall collection with dots cleverly printed on the inside wall of the glass.

No doubt, you will recognise the famous DOT DOT pattern…you’ll also find this emblematic design on zak!designs’ plastic soda glasses and pitchers.

This innovative double wall borosilicate glass collection features:

3 different sizes for your favourite hot drinks; espressos, cappuccinos, tea etc.

A double wall: It will keep your drink hot for longer and you can hold your glass without burning your fingers.

A choice of 4 different dotty colours; black, red, green or white.

Multiple uses: Use them not only for hot drinks but also for serving other culinary creations.

Refrigerator & microwave safe: Double Wall is not afraid of anything!

Sold separately: zak!designs let you choose your colours and the number you need. 

With DOT DOT DOUBLE WALL, zak!designs continues to surprise us!


Sizes available: 7.5 cl, 20 cl, 35 cl

Colours: Black, Red, Green & White


Kitchen to Table
Serving your  barbecue needs…

You’ll soon be enjoying moments of relaxation and conviviality outdoors.
To savour the pleasure, zak!designs has created a unique serving caddy. The design is great and the bottles can be mixed and matched to make your own customised set.

The Kitchen to Table collection is ready to serve at all your colourful events. These delightful serving caddies are available with 2 or 4 compartments and come complete with a transparent lid to cover your food. They are perfect for outdoor entertaining and can be used for dried fruits, olives and other snacks.

The caddies are also practicle for transporting all your barbecue essentials to the table: sauces, vinaigrettes, oil & vinegar.
The functional and colourful bottles are adapted to all your sauces and dressings. The sauce bottle has a wide lip for pouring and the oil and vinegar bottles have a button on the top so you can control the flow as you pour… for that perfect dose every time!

The long handle makes it easy to carry from the kitchen to the garden or terrace. 

zak!designs at your service!


2 or 4-section caddy -Colours: Green, berry & black
Oil & vinegar bottle 30 cl -Colours: Green, berry & black
Sauce & dressing bottle 30 cl -Colours: Yellow, coral & white


Sorbet Rose Bowls
A new delicious bouquet of colours

The famous Rose Bowl Set is blooming with this season’s colours…Summer is almost here!

This delicate flower bowl set has become a huge zak!designs classic. Its form is easily recognisable and constantly being given a new look with new colour combinations every year.

The new colour combination for 2015 is called Sorbet: Sky blue, green, pink and berry are the 4 new deliciously soft colours created by zak!designs.

This must-have multifunctional set of bowls in the new Sorbet colour are great for birthday parties, dinner parties or snacks. They will bloom on the table and are simply perfect for presenting your sweet treats & culinary concoctions.

The 4 bowls fit inside one another, which is practical for putting them away in your cupboards…
But they are so pretty that you will want to put them on show!

Romantic pastel tones.
A delightful creation by zak !designs

Large 4 pc rose bowl set: 0.35-1.7 lt.
Mini 4 pc rose bowl set: 70-280 ml.
Colour: Sorbet.
Other colours : Garden, Hot pop & Flora


Tea Time!

zak!designs have created a delightful tea time collection for a moment of pure indulgence sprinkled with colourful delicacies.
This cheerful, ultra-feminine floral collection has everything you need to enjoy your favourite brew with a smile.

Floating tea ball
Tea filter
Tea stirrer
Tea bag saucer – can also be used to present the sugar or a slice of lemon.
Sugar shakers
Egg cups
Salt & pepper pots

Tea Time, a complete, colourful, unbreakable collection that will delight the connoisseurs of this convivial hot beverage.

God Save the Tea!


Flower tea ball
Flower tea filter
Flower tea stirrer
Flower tea bag saucers – 4 pc set
Flower sugar shaker
Flower egg cups – 2 pc set
Flower salt & pepper pots


Drink ‘till you pop!

This sensational bottle is zak!designs latest colourful creation.
It’s a bright idea and a great design that sparkles with nostalgia.

This new must-have item will take you back to your childhood. Not only will you want to get your hands on one but you won’t be able to wait to use it!

Watch out Collectors!

In addition to its offbeat look and juicy colours, Soda has many dazzling features: 

A strong integrated straw that touches the bottom of the bottle so you can drink to your heart’s content. 

5 radiant colours to choose from.

A vintage-inspired soda bottle cap.

And it is made from Tritan: An unbreakable material that does not stain or retain odours.

Soda – Sparkle this summer! 

Drink bottle with integrated straw

Colours: Fuchsia, red, coral, green & aqua blue

Material: Tritan

Capacity: 70 cl


Mojito party
Get the party started!

zak!designs will get you in the party spirit with their new creation: a colourful & trendy set that is perfect for making your favourite cocktails – Mojitos in particular!

The Mojito set is guaranteed to get you in the summer mood. So sit back, relax & unwind over refreshing cocktails with friends.

The set is multifunctional. It’s great for picnics, a drink in the garden, on the terrace, or by the pool. The glasses are practically unbreakable so you can use them anywhere and everywhere!

The fun, dotty design reflects the festive Mojito fizz.
The set comes in lime green and ice white colours and includes:

2 dotty cocktail glasses
2 strong reusable dotty straws so you can enjoy your Mojito down to the last drop
1 pestle to release all the minty freshness

A breath of fresh air and innovation for all your festivities


Get the SORBET…
Fresh new colours for 2015!

“SORBET is zak!designs sweet temptation for the new year”.

Fresh and fashionable, Sorbet is the sensational colour scheme that will complete the new 2015 collection and the existing range of zak!designs products.

Kiwi, berry, candy pink and sky blue, these 4 delicately sweet colours are sure to set the trend!

On the menu, 3 deliciously new collections for you to try:


A collection of little happy spoons and bowls where boudoir vintage style design is sprinkled with delicate sorbet tones.


Floating tea balls, tea filters and tea stirrers, a little saucer for the tea bag or sugar cubes & a slice of lemon, sugar shakers, salt & pepper pots, egg cups etc…

It’s the ultra-feminine flower-inspired collection.



This bottle with its integrated straw will be noticed for its unique design and dazzling colours.


You’ll find many other sumptuous surprises in the 2015 catalogue.

Recipe for a delicious décor: zak!designs, a pinch of love, a spoon of originality & a touch of fun!


Get the party started
with Sombrero!

How do you create a party presentation that is trendy, original & fun?
The answer: With Sombrero!
zak!designs are proud to present their new stackable cake stand. Contemporary in design, multifunctional and available in a wide array of colours, it is perfect for presenting your sweets, snacks & appetizers.

Colour, innovation & contemporary design…

Sombrero comes in a dazzling display of colours. Choose the green and hot pop colours to liven up the party or the more discreet black and white stands for a touch of class. There is a colour for every occasion. The choice is yours!

Another advantage: it’s unique shape!
It cleverly combines elegance with the exotic. This stack of Mexican hats is simply delightful…

For a festive table that is 100% practical and 100% fun!

Each Sombrero stand has 7 different stacking possibilities. There are 4 separate hat platters that you can stack up as you choose. They are easy to put together creating a 2, 3 or 4 tier serving stand. Perfect for cakes, canapés, fruit etc. All sweet and savoury delights are allowed!

Available in 4 colour combinations: Hot pop, black, white, or green.


A new, elegant and
colourful wave of tableware.

Wave is the new & sophisticated Autumn/Winter collection by zak!designs. Like a ripple in the water, fine lines sweep around the bowls creating an embossed finish.

Stone is the new season’s colour. The deep taupe grey hue with a hint of purple, contrasts beautifully with the berry, coral, kiwi & mint colours.

The salad servers with long handles and rounded tips are perfect for tossing and serving your favourite salads.

Finally, the round serving platters complete this elegant collection that you will appreciate and enjoy having at your table.

Dress your table to impress with Wave; colourful, dynamic and original tableware by zak!designs. 


On the go!
The colourful nomad collection

With zak!designs nomad collection, you'll see all the colours of the rainbow (even if the skies are grey!).

The 2-tier stackable lunch boxes in dazzling colours come complete with cutlery. Take your food with you and heat it up when you’re on the go!

Quench your thirst when you’re on the go…in the office, at a picnic, or out shopping with zak!designs water tight bottles.

Practical, with an original design the nomad lunch box and water tight bottle will fit easily in your bag and make your daily life easier.

On the go … The collection that moves!


Garden Rose
A breath of nature…

This beautiful flower in dazzling spring colours is an optical illusion! 

As you may have noticed, the Rose is actually a set of 4 rose-shaped bowls that nest inside one another. They are perfect for delicately presenting and serving your culinary concoctions,

Garden is the name given to this springtime colour combination: Green, kiwi, sun and cherry.

Garden Rose, a beautiful flower blooming on your table that is as useful as it is dazzling!


A whirlwind of colours!

Like a breath of fresh air, the refreshing colours will come and brighten up your lazy afternoon.

Swirl, a colourful collection of unbreakable stripy soda glasses and reusable spotty straws is the new must-have zak!designs product.

At home, in the garden, on the terrace or for a picnic…you will want to take Swirl everywhere.

The glasses are available in 2 sizes, for all your beverage needs. They stack to save cupboard space and for easy transport.

Get funky with this whirlwind of stripes, colours and spots! 


Hot Pop Duo
New summer colours!

zak!designs’ new tasty citrus colours are Hot pop: lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit. Use Duo, the sunny collection of serving and salad bowls, and salad servers to present and serve your summertime dishes.

It’s an all-terrain collection of radiant colours for the home, the garden, picnics, boats… You have the choice between 4 colour combinations, 5 different sizes of salad & serving bowls and 2 sizes of salad servers.


zak!designs brings you a whirlwind of new products for 2014!
Happy New Year!


This new swirl collection will get you swirling and spinning into 2014. The rainbow of coloured glasses and reusable straws combine stripes and dots for a funky look.

On the go

zak!designs brings you their on the go collection. Their colourful lunch boxes, flasks and drink bottles are perfect for taking to the gym, to work or wherever you go.  Get on the go with zak!designs!


This is where recycling meets design! zak!designs are proud to introduce their ‘eco’ collection of cereal bowls, serving bowls & trays made with 40% recycled melamine. The recycling technique used has been designed and patented by the brand. 

And of course, thanks to this technique, each piece is unique!


Rose Bowls
Offer a bouquet of roses!

These delicate rose petals are perfect for presenting and serving your delicious culinary concoctions or to offer a loved one.

With this 4 pc bowl set you are sure to impress your guests. They won’t be able to turn their noses up at anything!

Colourful – You have the choice between 4 trendy multi-coloured sets.

Practical – The bowls fit inside one another like a flower to save cupboard space.  

Big or small – You have the choice between 2 sizes: The big set for serving all your dishes or small for presenting snacks or sweets. They are ideal for birthday parties!  

Original – They make an original and colourful gift. They are nicely gift boxed too!  

As if by magic, you will feel a refreshing romantic breeze in your life…

With style and innovation, zak!designs will brighten up your daily life.


Sweet or savoury?
It’s a delicious winter!

zak!designs have expanded their Sweety collection of trays, cake lifters, plates and cake stands for your end of year festivities with colourful gift sets.

The little rose-shaped dishes, flower shaped plates and fun sets will let your imagination run wild!

Impress your guests with these colourful Crazy Picks cocktail sticks. They are perfect for starters & snacks or to jazz up the table.

The Rosy, Nesty and Tasting sets are perfect for an original present idea or any festive occasion.

The little sets of bowls will give an original twist to how you present your dried fruits, condiments, sauces and spices…and they stack to save space too!

It doesn’t matter if you are sweet or savoury, this collection is sure to brighten up your table for your end of year festivities!

Hot Summer
It’s a scorcher!

The ultimate summer collection! Scrumptious hot colours that look good enough to eat: cherry, raspberry, kiwi & sunflower. Made from virtually unbreakable materials, it’s the perfect multi-terrain set.

Hot Summer will be the star of your garden parties. With this collection of plates, bowls, dot dot glasses and rose-shaped salad bowls you will want to party all the time!

But what if it rains? The Hot Summer collection will bring some sunshine into the home!
Dots, flowers and colours...Add a touch of zak!designs into your everyday life!

The colourful, plastic dinnerware collection.

Dot Dot Pop!
Refreshing summer happiness…

The bright, colourful and virtually unbreakable Dot Dot ice tumbler with a lid and straw.

Freeze effect guaranteed! Just add ice cubes to your favourite drink and the Dot Dot tumbler will keep it cool & fresh for longer.

The lid with a seal and straw makes it the perfect travel companion. You will be able to take your drink with you wherever you go without spilling a drop!  

And it is dishwasher friendly too!  

Dotty and innovative, zak!designs…making daily life easier!

What’s hot!
zak!designs collection in a movie spot!